Wholesale Wedding Favors: Saving Money on Your Special Occasion

If you are soon to be married, you know how many preparations need to be handled in order to have a beautiful wedding and reception. You will want to keep the wedding costs down as much as possible, which is not always an easy task. Any items that can be purchased wholesale will be helpful in saving money. Wholesale wedding favors are available that will provide lovely gifts for your guests and not take a great deal of funds out of your pocket.

Your wedding favors can be edible items that the guests can enjoy right at the reception or save for enjoyment later. You may want to provide cookies shaped like your wedding cake, a small box of assorted chocolates or chocolate truffles that resemble tuxedos. Cupcakes can be provided for each guest that may be decorated in icing consisting of the colors of the bridesmaids’ dresses. Edible favors may also consist of items that your guests can use later, such as an array of barbecue sauces, jams, jellies or cheeses. Every time your guests enjoy the tasty treats you have provided, they will be reminded of you and your special day.

An array of teas and coffees can make very useful favors for your guests. They might also enjoy an assortment of nuts and hard candies that are colorfully wrapped in netting or placed in monogrammed favor boxes. Key chains, place card holders and paperweights can all make up favor items that your guests are sure to appreciate.

Wholesale wedding favors may contain many useful items that your guests can use in their day-to-day lives. You might want to give candles in decorative holders, bookmarks with your wedding date printed on them, colorful guest soaps that can be placed in a fancy dish in the bathroom, or stationery sets. If your wedding is taking place at the beach, you may want to include beautiful shells in your favors or a photo frame featuring sailboats. Your photo frame may even include a special photograph of the happy couple. For a little bit of whimsy, your favors may consist of bottle stoppers in the shape of sandals or some other item that has a beach theme.

Wedding favors are a way to thank your guests for attending your wedding and sharing in your very special day with you. They also serve as a sentimental reminder of the happiest day of your life, and you will want your favors to be special. By purchasing wholesale wedding favors, you can be assured of getting items that your guests will enjoy without needing to pay high prices.

Perfume bottles and face powder compacts will make beautiful gifts for your female guests. Male guests will like to receive cuff links or tie clasps. These types of favors are a bit more personal and will be a good way to say thank you to those who are taking part in more intimate gatherings. Your guests will be very impressed that you put so much thought into the favors that you are graciously providing for them.

You may want to buy special favors for certain family members and friends who have a closer connection to you. For your remaining guests, other favors will work very well. Buying your favors in quantity will be one of the best ways that you can save money. Many tasteful and beautiful items are available at wholesale prices to help you make a decision as to the best type of favor for your wedding day guests. You need not worry about not finding the right items, as this will be the least of your problems.

Wholesale wedding favor items that are often used are pens, notebooks for jotting reminders, inexpensive calculators, glasses, bud vases and steins. Many of these items can also be personalized with your names and the date of the wedding. Your guests will enjoy having special items that will carry the personal touch.

The way that you present your favors can also be special. You may want to use favor boxes, bags, netting or baskets, depending on what you are providing as favors. If you choose a favor such as a candy jar filled with assorted candies, you may want to top it off with a bow or decorate the lid with ribbon streamers. Your guests will be pleased with whatever you choose to show your appreciation to them for attending your wedding and being a part of your very special event.

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