Offering Guests Beautiful Beach Wedding Favors

If you are having a wedding at the beach, you will want certain items to revolve around this particular theme. The favors that you present to your guests can reflect a beach atmosphere, and there are many creative ideas that can be used for beach wedding favors.

Your guests will enjoy the lovely setting that a beach will create for your wedding and reception. You may well want your favors to carry out this theme. Your favors can consist of a number of items that are related to sand and sea. You might want to have a small pail filled with seashells, and the shells can even be engraved with your wedding date. This will make a lovely and sentimental memento of your wedding day.

It might be a clever idea to include candles in your favors shaped in various ways that are reminiscent of a beach, such as sandals, shells, a starfish, footprints or palm trees. Your guests will have a lovely souvenir that they can use over and over again. You can be certain that whenever they light their favor candles, they will be remembering your special day.

Bookmarks in the shape of various shells are available and would make a thoughtful item to use as part of your favors. If you would like to include some edible treats in your beach wedding favors, you may decide on salt water taffy or fudge. Key chains make useful items that can be included, along with shell coasters or trinket boxes in the shape of a starfish. Even luggage tags are available that feature a sailboat, a perfect item for guests who do a bit of traveling.

Tea lights can often be found in holders made up of small shells. Place card holders, wine bottle stoppers and photo frames can also have a nautical theme. These items are all useful and will provide your guests with a lovely memento of your beach wedding that they can use in their daily lives.

You may want to present your lovely beach wedding favors in a small treasure chest that will also make a lovely display item. When the chest is opened, your guests will find an array of little trinkets to commemorate the special day you were married on the beach and they all shared in the happiness and love. Even tiny beach chairs that actually fold can be used as favors for your guests. They will enjoy having such creative souvenirs of a day that was so special in your life and theirs.

If you purchase your beach wedding favors in bulk, you will get a better deal. There are companies selling such creative items at wholesale prices, enabling you to obtain what you require without breaking the bank. You will want to provide lovely favors for your special guests, but it certainly does not hurt to get these items at reasonable prices. Your guests will have a special token of your memorable day, and you will have saved some money by obtaining favors at prices that are very affordable.

When the wedding and reception are over and everyone has returned home, all of your guests will be taking a part of your wedding day with them. Beach wedding favors can be a lovely way for family members and friends to retain a little something from your wedding. If you have provided useful items in your little favor packages, you will be remembered fondly every time those items are used. Favors are a nice way to ensure that your guests will be left with wonderful memories of the happiest day of your life.