Impressing Your Guests With Creative Wedding Favors

When you are considering what types of favors to get for your wedding guests, you have a number of options available to you. Favors can come in all shapes and sizes, and creative wedding favors will surely impress your guests. They will have a memento of your wedding day, a reminder of a wonderful event involving two very special people in their lives.

Your favors can be creatively put together to represent a theme that you might be using for your wedding. For example, shell candle holders will be perfect for a beach wedding. A small filigree carriage filled with candy will look fitting for a wedding that is revolving around a princess theme.

If you are familiar with certain hobbies that some of your guests may have, you may want to put together special creative wedding favors pertaining to their hobbies. If your aunt is an avid reader, her favor may include a book light, a bookmark and a small book of inspirational quotes. Your favorite uncle might be a golfer, so his favor may include a set of golf balls and golf tees. If you have a cousin who likes to garden, you might prepare a favor that contains small gardening implements and flower seeds.

Another idea for favors would be to bake cookies or cupcakes and present them to your guests in colorful boxes or netting tied in a pretty bow. Your guests will appreciate receiving favors that are made by you, and they will also wonder how you ever found the time to bake during all of your wedding preparations. You may also want to use treats that are regional favorites, such as salt water taffy for a wedding taking place in Atlantic City. All of your guests will have something delicious to enjoy at the reception along with the meal you will be providing. If you do not want to use regional items, you could simply arrange a small basket that will hold a combination of chocolates, candies and nuts.

For family members and very close friends, you may want to prepare a small album containing pictures of you and your spouse taken at various times during your courtship. This type of favor will become a treasured keepsake for your special guests to have for years to come and will be proudly shown to others.

Creative wedding favors can be purchased in bulk, allowing you to buy a quantity for your guests that will not cost you a great deal of money. You can provide thoughtful and sentimental gifts to everyone who will be sharing in your special day, and your guests will leave the reception site with a unique token. It might be nice to save a few of your favors for yourself so you will have a souvenir of your wedding day.

When you provide creative wedding favors at your wedding reception, you are thanking your guests for taking the time to spend the day with you and share in your happiness. You will want your favors to be as special as the day will be. All of your favors can be identical or, as mentioned above, you can give favors with special meaning to those who are very close to you.

By buying at wholesale prices, you will be saving money and will be able to provide very thoughtful gifts to your guests. Wedding favors can be found of such variety that you will have many ideas pertaining to what type of gift you want to give. If you choose wisely, your guests will be well pleased and you will save money.