Edible Wedding Favors Can be an Enjoyable Treat

Wedding favors are often presented to guests at the reception. A wedding is a special event, and it is appreciated by all of the guests if they have a little something to commemorate the day. If you would like to impress your guests with a type of favor that they are sure to enjoy, then you might want to present them with edible wedding favors.

Your guests will most likely be pleased with any type of wedding favor you give them, but they may be even happier with favors that they can eat and enjoy. There are so many ideas for favors that are edible. You may want to make all of your favors the same, or you may want to have an assortment of edible favors on hand to provide a variety.

Chocolate is always welcome, and your edible wedding favors may be a small box of chocolates. You might also want to use cookies, fudge, brownies, or strawberries dipped in luscious milk chocolate. Candy will be much appreciated by those guests who have a sweet tooth, and a tasteful array of coffees and teas can also make a very nice favor.

Mints are often given as favors and can be presented in little tins engraved with the names of the bride and groom as well as the wedding date. Different varieties of nuts are also used for favors and can be wrapped in netting or presented in small baskets or boxes. You may want to make up a nice array of different food items, such as jams, jellies and cheeses. Fortune cookies are sometimes presented to guests as favors. You can even find tiny gumball machines that will provide some sweet treats for your guests.

Edible wedding favors can consist of relishes and sauces that can be used by your guests when they grill in the summertime. Tiny cupcakes with colorful icing will make very nice favors, and wedding cakes can be made in miniature size that will be a sentimental gesture. You may even want a tiny replica of your own wedding cake presented to your guests. They will be very touched at the thought that you put into your wedding favors.

The presentation of your favors is also important. You may want to use baskets, boxes or tins. Netting is often used to keep edible items together, and little bags featuring the name of the happy couple and the date of the wedding can be used as well. It would be a nice touch if you had a photo of yourself and your new spouse on the bag. If you are presenting cookies to your guests, you may want to display them on fancy little plates that are wrapped nicely in netting or cellophane and tied with ribbon. You may even want to use small silver or gold pails, especially if your wedding is taking place at or near the beach.

You can obtain edible wedding favors at reasonable prices if you purchase them wholesale. There are many types of favors that are available. Whatever you choose, your guests will be pleased that you took the time to make up favors for them that will serve as a souvenir of your special day. Your favors will bring pleasure to your guests, whether they are eaten at the reception or saved for a later time.

Choose the type of edible wedding favors that you know will be well accepted by your guests. Your favors will be a memento of your very special day, and your guests will enjoy the food as well as the meaning behind it.