Creating a Lovely Representation of Your Wedding With Fall Wedding Favors

If you are going to be married in the fall of the year, you will most likely want fall wedding favors to present to your guests at the reception. There are many ideas that you will find appealing for your special day. Your guests will certainly like anything you choose to show your appreciation for their attendance at your wedding.

Candles are a nice item to have in the fall of the year, when the temperature outside will be cooler. You might decide to choose favors to represent the fall, such as scented pinecone candles or small candles in the shape of acorns. You might want to choose other items that will be perfect for the fall of the year, such as leaf bottle stoppers or a maple leaf card holder. Your guests may also enjoy receiving cookies in the shape of various leaves, or chocolates presented in a box that has a tree embossed on the lid.

Fall wedding favors may be presented to guests in the form of scented guest soaps that are in leaf shape or look like little pinecones. These items will be useful and will also look very attractive in your guests’ bathrooms. Your favors might consist of small photo frames that look like tree branches, or beverage coasters depicting leaves. Candle holders in the shape of leaves with the colors of autumn can also make lovely gifts, and these holders may come complete with cinnamon or vanilla-scented candles.

You will want your fall wedding favors to be a lovely representation of your fall wedding. Anything that portrays leaves, trees or pinecones can be used, but you might also want to provide your guests with a bottle of maple syrup, perfect for pancakes. Jars of honey will make a very tasty and thoughtful gift. Certain chocolates and other candies can be found with labels that depict falling autumn leaves. An assortment of teas for a cool fall evening will be appreciated by your guests as well.

You may want to present your fall wedding favors in colorful favor boxes or bags. If you are providing your guests with an array of little items, they can be arranged in a small basket wrapped in netting or cellophane and adorned with a bow consisting of your wedding colors. Favors of this type will make a great impression on your guests and will give them a wonderful token by which to recall your special day.

Remember to buy your favors in quantity so that you will be able to save money. After all, weddings can be very expensive. If you want to keep costs down, you can buy certain items, such as favors, in bulk so that you will get better prices. There are many great items available that can be used as favors and can be purchased affordably. You will be able to impress your guests and properly thank them for their presence without spending a great deal of money.

Fall is a beautiful time in which to get married. Your fall wedding favors can be as colorful as the leaves that are cascading to the ground. You can provide your guests with edible goodies or useful items that they can use in their daily lives. You might even want to combine items and give your guests some chocolates in a reusable decorative box.

Enjoy your wedding day, as it is a very special time for you. With appropriate favors presented to your guests, they will also have a wonderful time and will enjoy the hours that they will be spending with you and your new spouse.