Original & Creative Ideas for Wedding Favors

Brides put a great deal of effort into their weddings, and the favors they will present to their guests are a part of the plans. Your upcoming wedding will require preparations and input that will help you to have a wonderful ceremony and reception. Ideas for wedding favors are plentiful, and you can choose favors that are sure to please your guests.

You may want to incorporate your wedding colors into your favors. For example, if your wedding colors are pink and white, your favors can be items that will use these colors. You might have cookies with pink and white icing or bud vases featuring pink and white flowers. White candles in pink holders might be an idea you will want to use, or you may decide that a candy dish filled with pink and white candies might be an interesting option. There are wedding favors of various colors that will allow you to use your wedding colors when choosing the gifts you want to give.

Your ideas for wedding favors may include giving gifts of plants. These types of favors will last for years if they are well maintained, and presenting your guests with a living gift is a nice thought. The plants may be herbs that can be put in various foods, bulbs or seeds that can be planted at the proper time of year, or flowers that have special meaning for you. You may want to give plants that are hardy and do not take a great deal of care, so your guests will not need to put much effort into keeping the plant healthy.

Wedding favors with a personal touch make a sentimental gift for your guests to enjoy. You may want to present them with a photo frame that contains a picture of you and your husband. Many items may be engraved with your name, your husband’s name and the date and location of your wedding. You may want to give engraved pens or a box of candy with an inscription on the lid. Cupcakes can be iced in such a way that your wedding date will be piped on top.

Candles are good ideas for wedding favors. Scented candles will leave a nice fragrance in the air, and these items can be used over and over again. The candles you choose may have various shapes, such as pinecones if you are getting married in the fall of the year or a shell if you are having a beach wedding. You might just want to present a beautiful white tapered candle in an equally lovely holder.

Kitchen items are ideas for wedding favors, such as bottle stoppers in fancy shapes, colorful coasters, or salt and pepper shakers. Measuring spoons can be personalized, and utensils can also be given as favors. You might want to present your guests with an engraved butter knife or a spoon with your wedding date inscribed on the handle. These articles can make sentimental and lovely gifts that your guests will treasure.

When searching for just the right ideas for wedding favors for your special guests, you will want to be certain your purchases are available at wholesale prices. In this way, you can save money on your wedding favors while you are still getting quality items that will please your family members and friends.

Your wedding favors are mementos that your guests will have of your wedding day. Whether favors are edible or are items that will last for years, they should appropriately convey the message that you are happy your guests were able to share such an important day with you.