Creating a Beautiful Presentation With Wedding Favor Boxes

Wedding favors can be presented to your guests in various ways. You can use baskets, wrappings of netting or cellophane, or boxes. When giving your gifts to your guests, wedding favor boxes make a very nice presentation and can be used for edible items as well as other articles.

Many brides opt for white boxes, as this is a neutral color and will go with anything. But other brides may want to use their wedding colors when purchasing wedding favor boxes. By incorporating wedding colors, everything will be color-coordinated. The tables at the reception site will look especially lovely with favors that are presented in boxes that will match the colors of the bride’s gown and/or the bridesmaids’ dresses. You may want to use your wedding colors for your favor boxes.

Rainbow colors can also be used for boxes. Instead of incorporating your wedding colors, you might decide that you would rather use a variety of colors. The reception tables will be bright and lively, featuring boxes of various shades that will create quite a colorful atmosphere.

There are various ways to decorate wedding favor boxes. You can tie them with colorful ribbons in contrasting shades or in hues that will match the colors of your boxes. You may want to put bows on the lids of your boxes. Labels with the inscription of your names and your wedding date can also be affixed to them.

If you would like to try something a bit different, you might use decorative plastic figures to adorn your favor boxes. A small wedding cake can be placed on the top, or you might decide that a tiny bride and groom will look very fetching. Doves, wedding rings, champagne goblets and other wedding items can be found that will look appropriate as a form of decoration for your boxes.

Besides using a traditional square box for your favors, you will find that boxes are also available in different shapes. Not only will the box contain a lovely favor, but even the box itself will be appropriate as a gift. Truffle boxes can be found that will have a petal closure at the top. If you are getting married at the shore, you might want to present a beach-related favor in a shell-shaped box. Women will love receiving their favors in a box shaped like a purse, complete with handle. Boxes are also available that will fit together and form a two to seven-tier cake, depending on how many guests you have invited to the wedding. This is a very novel idea and will make a beautiful presentation for your wedding favors.

If your favors are decorative items, you may want to present them in clear boxes that will allow the contents to show through. Chocolates and other edible items can also be displayed in these boxes. When the food has been eaten, the boxes can be used for storing other articles.

You can purchase your favor boxes in kit form, allowing you to put them together yourself. Since there are many preparations before a wedding, you may want to elicit the services of your wedding party and other friends to help you assemble your boxes.

Wedding favor boxes can be purchased at very affordable prices. You can find the types of boxes that will be perfect for your favors at a cost that will be perfect for your budget. Your guests will be so pleased to receive lovely favors that will be a symbol of your appreciation for their presence at your wedding, and the boxes can be the best part of the presentation.