Affordable Yet Elegant Wedding Reception Favors

When a bride provides favors at her wedding reception, it is her way of saying thank you to all of her guests for attending the wedding and sharing in her happiness. If you are soon to be married, you will want to give some thought to how you will express your gratitude to all those who will be in attendance and will be helping to make your wedding day very special.

Wedding reception favors can be anything that you would like them to be. You may choose something that you know your guests will enjoy eating. Cookies, candy, chocolates, nuts and cupcakes can all be given as favors and can be eaten at the reception. Other edible favors may be used at a later time, such as jams and jellies, a variety of sauces and relishes, or an assortment of teas, coffees and hot chocolate.

You may want your favors to reflect your wedding colors. If this is your desire, you will choose items that will be the same or similar in color to the dresses that your bridesmaids are wearing or to your own gown. If the groomsmen are wearing tuxedos in a beautiful shade of blue, you may choose favors that are in a similar shade of blue, such as candles, decorative boxes, photo frames or business card holders.

Your wedding may be following a theme. If so, your wedding reception favors can complement that particular theme. For example, if your wedding is using flowers as a theme, you may want your favors to consist of bud vases containing certain flowers, a plant, or a packet of flower seeds. You can easily incorporate your theme into the favors that you choose for your guests.

Weddings that take place at a certain time of year can reflect a particular season through the favors. If you are having a Christmas wedding, you may want your favors to include a small Christmas decoration, such as a beautifully decorated ball for the tree. You may give stockings that have your wedding date printed on them. You might decide to choose small ceramic figurines that are related to Christmas. Anything that strikes your fancy and has a Christmas theme may make a nice token of appreciation for you to bestow on your guests.

A fall wedding, with its stunning autumn colors, can open the door to a multitude of ideas for wedding reception favors. Your guests would love to receive candles in fall colors or even in fall shapes, such as a pinecone candle or one that resembles a maple leaf. You might want to give maple syrup, or an assortment of teas that will be perfect for a cool autumn evening. Your guests will most likely appreciate a photo frame depicting falling leaves.

If you are having quite a few guests at your reception, it can be somewhat expensive to purchase so many favors. The wise bride will want her wedding reception favors to be affordably priced, and many retailers will offer wholesale prices for wedding items that are bought in quantity. In this way, you can purchase lovely favors for your guests that will not cost a great deal of money.

When you present your guests with their favors, you may want to package them in favor boxes, baskets or bags. Some favors may be so pretty that they do not need to be placed in a package, such as a decorative box that can stand alone. Favors may be decorated with bows, ribbons, netting or cellophane. You can make your wedding reception favors a beautiful part of your special day.