Seasonally Appropriate Winter Wedding Favors

If you are having a winter wedding, you are getting married at a beautiful time of the year. Many of your wedding preparations may be involving a winter theme, and this may include the favors you present to your guests at the reception. There are many lovely items that you can choose as winter wedding favors for your special day.

Your guests will appreciate whatever you give them as a favor because it is coming from you. Even so, you want your favors to be thoughtful gifts that will let your guests know how much you appreciate their presence. To carry out the winter theme, you can choose many different types of items. For example, a collection of teas will make a nice gift and will keep your guests warm on those cold winter nights. A collection of different coffee blends can also be given, or you might want to present your guests with a combination assortment of both coffees and teas to suit any mood. Hot chocolate mixes will be a perfect way to thank your guests when presented during a winter wedding.

If your wedding is taking place close to Christmas, your favors can include ornaments for the tree placed in a decorative snowflake box. Snowflakes can also be featured in coasters, bottle stoppers, place card holders, bookmarks, candle holders or soaps. Bath salts can be a gift for pampering, as can lip balm in tubes featuring winter themes.

You might want your guests to have winter wedding favors that they can eat. Snowflake cookies will be a hit, or your cookies may be replicas of your wedding cake. Chocolates appeal to just about everyone, and they can be made in designs that will carry out a winter theme. Another favorite among your guests is cupcakes, and they can be iced in beautiful winter colors, such as white or ice blue. Small decorative cake toppers can be placed on each cupcake to give it a nice touch.

Sachets make useful winter wedding favors as they can be placed in drawers and will keep everything smelling clean and fresh. You can find sachets in the shape of pinecones, snowflakes and winter mittens. These various shapes can also be found when shopping for decorative candles, another welcome gift. Candles burning on cold winter nights create an ambience that is very appealing. If your candles are of a simple design, then you might want to choose candle holders that will be decorative and have a winter theme.

Gifts bearing your name, your spouse’s name and the date of the wedding are a nice personal touch. Many winter wedding favors can be personalized, providing your guests with a memento of your wedding that they will treasure over the years. You can also personalize the boxes or bags that hold your favors. These items will be a wonderful remembrance of your wedding day that your guests will want to have as a keepsake.

Obtaining your winter wedding favors at wholesale prices will be the icing on the cake for you. Weddings can be expensive, but you can purchase your favors in quantity and have lovely gifts at affordable prices. Your guests will be touched by the gifts that you have personally chosen for them. You can be assured that your winter wedding will be a memorable occasion for you and everyone in attendance.